About me

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to ofcoursemoney.com – A blog that aims to provide the information about making money online, business ideas, tips, online jobs, Blogging, and many other similar stuff. These income opportunities are the best options for those who love to work from home sitting in their armchair. And, it is also beneficial for housewives who want to make some cash in their free time while working from home.

In fact, everyone can make most out of these income opportunities by working with hard work and passion.

About me

I am Sunaina from Mumbai. I am the founder of ofcoursemoney.com and I am a very friendly girl who loves to help others. In free time, I love to listen to music. I completed my primary education in the year 2009 and Master Degree in the year 2016.

Since I am still learning a lot of stuff by surfing the web, I do research a lot when I think of writing a blog post on this blog in order to make sure that I give the best information and ideas to my readers.

Prior to becoming a blogger, I worked as an SEO Executive. I started ofcoursemoney.com on 22nd June 2017.

The blogger Atish Ranjan Sir, He is a very helping person. He helped me a lot and he also provides genuine information to the needy people.

Thanks & I appreciate your interest in knowing about me and my blog. You may reach me through my contact form which you can find by clicking here.

Happy Blogging!