How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program


Many tricks and techniques are there to earn money online, but Affiliate marketing brings you a stunning chance to enjoy additional earnings if you run a website or blog. This affiliate program of Amazon is also known as Amazon Associates. It allows people to earn four percentages or more on the purchases made utilizing a unique link on the website of blog.

If you desire to make money, you can build the Amazon affiliate website.  It is entirely a different challenge for a start providing in the suitable traffic which will turn into your product sales when it clicks through to the Amazon. For avoiding the challenges, you can select the suitable niche for a site.

Choosing a perfect niche and building an effective site is the important tasks that help you to earn money with the Amazon affiliate program. This guide shares you the best ways to make more money online by using this affiliate program.

  1. Start a blog or website

 The Amazon Affiliates are websites or bloggers who add links to the Amazon platform with quality content on its site. There are many online sites available to consider so that you can start anyone based on your money earning requirements. Here step by step guide to start a new blog in 2017.

Start internet efforts

  • Begin an online blog for free by using WordPress or Blogger: Since you begin these free blogs, the amount is only an overall time you invest adding and designing content. You can select the passionate tops to add the most exciting content as well as develop followers.
  • Set up your website: Business or professional websites use this Affiliate program. If you run a site for promoting various products, you can suggest quality things on your site and make more money by doing it.
  • Create and use social media accounts on your site or blog: It is the best way for improving the SE ranking, increases the number of links and keeps a better relationship with the readers. You can also share the Amazon links on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook while you desire to make the recommendation.

Post high-quality content in a consistent way

Adding better value to your content is the best way to garner your readers so that you need to post content regularly on your website or blog.

Gain loyalty

If you add more fun to your posting links, you can get more product sales.  You can include the links to various Amazon goods and individuals will utilize the link as the way or reference to buying.

  1. Sign Up of Amazon Associates

Visit you can read carefully through the details before going to sing up. Along with this, you should correctly understand what goods are qualified, how to get paid and post before signing up an account easily.  The Amazon Affiliates offers commissions or advertising fees which differ according to the product type.  The advertising amount can increase after you begin to refer above six purchases every month.

Click on “Join Now for Free” option where you get a chance to start

You can sign in by using the Amazon password and username. You can also select the address of your official payment from the list at this instant.

You can fill the details regarding your web traffic, online monetization, and website. You can verify the identity before going to next step.

You can begin looking for the products on Associates Central of Amazon

You can select few products for adding into the blog posts by using the right filter

Finally, you can post a link inside the website

You can utilize the site stripe of Amazon site to capture the best links for your selected products

  1. Increase the profits of Amazon Associates

  • At first, you can optimize your income by regularly posting the links
  • You can build the links to different kinds of products at a time
  • You can utilize the referral link while sending details through email
  • Add the widgets to your website
  • Advertise the products more than $100
  • You can use the list as they are helpful to you as well as your readers
  • Post the seasonal content along with the links of Amazon Associate
  • Finally, you can optimize your website or blog


These are the highly recommended ways and steps for earning more money online by using Amazing Affiliate program.   You can follow the guidelines and start making huge income without following any challenge.

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