How to Make Money Printer Machine

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In this article today we will learn how to make money printer machine. Wanted to impress your friends and fans with the help of a money printer machine? It is the right place you are here. Just impress your friends with your magic tricks and get favorite among all.

No, need to have some unique skills, just make your money printing machine and have fun. It is all about the tricks and material you are using here on this computer. Black paper is recommended for the formation of two wheels of the money printing machine to create confusion between the space and paper.

Money printer machine is a fun trick device which stores a currency note inside it. When you add a white paper on it and roll down the sticks, it seems to be getting converted into the money on the other side of the machine. All this happens due to the indulging of the paper along with the black sheet on the one hand and expelling out of the currency note on the other side.

Money Printing Machine Trick

Money making the trick device is a terrific fun trick device which will help you in tracking currency note with a plain white paper. It is a beautiful trick which you and your friends will surely love to try. It is the best method to impress your friends and followers with your magic tricks.

Things required for making money printing machine trick

Money making trick device is terrific tricking device which you can quickly develop by yourself with the help of following items: –

  • Cardboard; which will help you in making base and frame of the machine
  • Black paper for creating confusion between wheels and blank space
  • Two sticks/pen tubes/pencils/wood dowel for making bikes
  • White sheet about the size of currency note you are going to use this trick
  • A currency note

How to create money-making printing machine

It does not need to have unique skills for creating your money printing machine. You can quickly create it by yourself within few minutes by just following the step by step procedure given below: –

  • Take some black construction paper and then cut this article into two strips near about 3.5 inches in thickness each.
  • Now, join these two strips of paper with each other to make a long piece of paper with the help of a transparent paper tape. We are here using white transparent paper tape to get your joint of two documents unrecognizable.
  • Now, join the one end of this strip with the stick with the help of paper tape and then roll the black paper to the sticks leaving a small amount of unrolled paper behind. Try to go about 2 inches of black paper unrolled so that you can join it with other stick without using many efforts.
  • Now, tape another part of the paper with the other stick and roll it out in the different direction as we did in the first case.
  • Once you have successfully done this, the next thing you need to do is to make a cardboard case. You can quickly create this by taking a strip of cardboard which should be added with the help of two holes with the two sticks and do precisely with the same in other direction as well.
  • That’s all you have successfully created your money printer machine. Check the working of this device by revolving the sticks in both the directions.
  • Now, place a currency note inside it and then turn the knob of this trick device inside. Now, put the white sheet of paper on the other side and then set the knob so that the currency note will come out on the other hand. Use this trick to impress your friends and followers.


If you wanted to become famous among your friends and fans money printing machine is the best thing you can go with. Impress your friends and fans with this fantastic device and have fun. Just create your own within few minutes and have unlimited fun with it. The best part of this beautiful, fun tricking device is that it does not need to have some unique instruments for creating one.

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