Make Money Online Using Blog Flipping or Website Selling

Are you looking for some exciting and innovative new way of making money online? Well, we all are aware of some of the traditional ways of online money making through, for example, Google Adsense, online advertising, cost per click ads, affiliate programs and so on. In our last article, we discussed some of the ways you can make money online with your blog. But to generate a constant online income you must keep on looking for new ways to earn money. This is where the Blog Flipping and Website Selling come in.

What is Blog Flipping?

Blog Flipping is a term used for the process of buying an existing (or creating a new) blog and subsequently selling it to the interested parties. It is not as easy as it sounds but with ample knowledge of website marketing, SEO techniques, creative and original content writing, enough online traffic and good online credibility you can make a lot more money with blog flipping and website selling techniques than any other online business. So if you are looking for a lump sum reward of your efforts blog flipping and website selling is for you.

How Blog Flipping Works?

To understand the process of blog flipping or website selling, think of it as a real estate property flipping:

You buy a real estate property at a lower price.

You renovate the property to take it to the next level of comfort and luxury.

Advertise the property through written and online media to attract interested buyers.

You sell the property at a much higher price to make a hefty amount of profit.

The process of blog or website flipping also works in the exact same way. Flipping blogs and selling of websites online can be done in either of the two simple ways:

Create a new blog or website -> Produce quality content for your blog or website -> Grow some traffic -> Sell your blog or website for a profit.

Buy an existing blog or an undervalued website at a low price -> Improve the website and draw attention and traffic to it -> Sell the website at the higher price to make the profit.

Blog Flipping Process in Detail

Blog Flipping is not as easy as the traditional ways of making money online through advertising and affiliate marketing. So before you start flipping websites you should have a good understanding of the process and what are its pros and cons as compared to other online money making techniques. We will discuss these now.

Step 1 – Purchasing

When buying a blog or website you should concentrate on the developmental potential of the prospective blog. Alternatively, if you are starting your own website you should buy a domain name and consider tips for purchasing a domain name. There are a number of things to consider, such as:

Is the blog or website blacklisted by the search engine ranking algorithms like Google Panda?

Knowing about the authenticity of the domain name you’re about to buy.There are many online sellers who sell domains with an intention of fraud. Beware of them.

If you are starting a blog. Free blog opportunities like WordPress or Blogger are your best bet.

Step 2 – Refurbishing

Just like every model requires a good makeover from time to time, refurbishing your newly purchased blog or website involves improving the content quality, the weak spots, renovating its interface and making it look like a smooth easy to follow webpage. You’ll need to take care of the following issues:

Check out for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and incorporate it into your blog.

Work on the backlinks in your blog or website and remove any older links that aren’t working anymore.

Enhancing the overall appearance and interface of your new website, because this is the first feature that your prospective buyers will notice when visiting your website. So take care of that in a very nice fashionable way.

Finally, the main objective of doing all the above-mentioned tasks is to draw public attention (or traffic) to your website or blog. Make sure you do that.

Without a good amount of traffic generation, you will not be able to fetch a good amount of money for all the hard efforts that have gone into making your website or blog. SEO factors and quality content suitable for the relevant audience take care of that.

Step 3 – Selling

Once your blog is ready and dandy, it’s time to sell it to the willing and able buyer. In this step, you’ll have to find buyers for your blog or website and negotiate a deal with them in your best interest. Following are some of the websites where you can find both buyers and sellers of blogs and websites:

Digital Point Forums

You should be able to demonstrate to the prospective buyer how much daily/weekly/monthly traffic is drawn to your website and how much money it makes through, say advertising. Make sure you close the deal at the right point so that you don’t lose the money all your hard efforts are wort. 

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