How to Make Money: Top 5 Techniques for Monetizing Your Blog

how to make money

So you already own a blog which has quite a significant amount of traffic seeping in. Planning to monetize it soon? You must have seen people earning heftily from their blogs on a monthly and annual basis. Some of the people are confident enough to publish their earnings online for bragging their progress.

Now the question is that is it a compulsion to have a significant amount of traffic for monetizing a blog? Well, expert’s statement that even if you receive less than 1k monthly visitors, monetizing a blog is still possible.

Every blog is special in its own way. You just cannot compare a 4-year-old Blog with your new one. Although it takes a certain amount of time to build income and contacts through blogging, yet there are millions of ways to make money overnight through blogging.

Whatever you do must be consistent and legal enough. Google has several such easy techniques to suggest. However, you cannot trust all of them as they may be obsolete all unsuitable for your kind of business.

Exceptionally, we have churned out the best 5 techniques which are going to help any type of blogger to make maximum money in short time duration. Let’s know about them, hope it will be helpful for the seekers.

  1. Google AdSense

probably you would have heard that Google AdSense is amongst the best options to monetize a blog. It can fetch you decent income and market goodwill. Even if you are getting 1000 visitors per day, Google AdSense can fetch you around $300 as the basic income. Alternatively, you can try info links as the best alternative for Google AdSense.

  1. Banner Ads

if Google AdSense fails to impress you, go for showcasing banner ads on your blog. You can reflect buying and selling ads along with their details. If your blog is receiving a decent amount of traffic, you will further get ads from other sources. Also, you can contact big brands for advertising and promote them. This is an easy and efficient method to earn money through blogging.

  1. Blog services

blogging services include content writing services logo designing plugin generation and theme creation. You can provide any of these services which do not cost much and still provides a considerable monthly income.

You do not need to think about grabbing more visitors to earn money and this method. However, quality exposure and right people taking your service are required. The more clients you get through your blog, the better progression you would achieve.

  1. Affiliate marketing

another great option to make money is to advertise other brands through your blog. All you need is a good contact, fundamental skills, and right employees to get started. Prepare an email list of potential buyers and start channelizing them towards the promoted brand through your blog.

If you are unclear about the concept of affiliate marketing, let us tell you that it is a part of indirect marketing strategy. Instead of directly promoting the product and service through the owner’s website, different platforms are chosen for endorsement. This can include various blogs, social media platforms, SMS marketing strategy, and email marketing arenas.

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  1. Sell your products

if you don’t find any of the above-listed suggestions to be suitable, choose for selling your own generic product. You can get information about the product listing online and begin marketing it on your blog right away. Find out what are your interests and maximize your revenue by indulging in that particular business.


Besides these suggestions of blog monetization, several other ways such as email list building, tying up with big brands, providing free coaching and training link building can be adopted as the potential prospects. Have a creative mind to guide you in the correct pathway.

The Internet is flooded with endless opportunities of monetizing blogs. Either you can choose something from our suggestions or go to hit and trial method to find what suits the best for you. Alternatively, you can take some help from SEO expert and digital marketers for further discovering pros and cons about a particular subject matter. No matter whatever you finalize, do conduct a proper research so that you have a complete idea about its manageability.

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  1. Great tips and recommendations on blog monetization. Monetizing my blog I am currently focused on such methods as selling Ad space and affiliate programs. These methods seem to work perfectly for me. I would definitely make use of your advice’s and will try other methods, which I found in this post. Thank you.


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