How to Earn Money from Paidverts without Spending Money

Paidverts is one of the best platforms for sharing paid revenue with an excellent reputation. Most of the pay-for clicks or PTC sites let you earn money cent for clicking ads whereas Paidverts allow you to make dollars for the same work. It executes different working techniques, which provide the best solution for making money quickly.

Without knowing the basic methods, it is impossible to make money from Paidverts. If you want to make a good amount of money from this website, need to follow the complete guide listed below. Paidverts include ads, which help to earn a minimum of 10 cents per day and you have the chance to convert your earnings from cents to dollars.

Access the following techniques to be a successful earner from Paidverts

Step 1: Register with Paidverts

First, you require for creating an account on Paidverts to earn money as this is a basic step. The users have to find the official site and then start creating the account with the help of the registration page.

Enter the details asked on the page, but it only takes a few minutes to complete the process. Then, log in to the site for starting a career as a Paidverts earner to earn money without investment. Afterward, it makes you find money every time you interact and view ads quickly.

Step 2: Learn about BAPs or Bonus Ad Points

When you decide to earn money using Paidverts, then you need to get grips with concepts of BAPs or Bonus Ad Points. It is nothing but points that you acquire to realize your ads are valuable to the users.

If you share more ads, then you will receive more money every day on viewing ads. Previously people only used the 15 BAP groups, but currently, the BAP 6 group is also vital for everyone to earn money without trouble.

It doubles the amount when you post ads on the site. The Paidverts allow you to grab attention from BAP groups for getting success from this site.

Step 3: Click on your Activation Ads

If you decide to earn money with the help of Paidverts, then you must have at least 1600 BAP to start receiving ads from the time of click.

When you sign up initially, your BAP account starts with 0 so you need to navigate to Paid Ads link which helps you to increase BAP points significantly.

Every day you will receive eight activation ads that required clicking for getting the account active anytime. Some of the ads last only for 30 seconds so you will receive money as per the click. It gives the maximum to reach the points and earn money quickly.

Step 4: Learn how to increase your earnings

Most users sometimes struggle to make money in Paidverts as they know only limited information regarding it.

To get rid of this issue, you need to access every earning possibility on this site, and this way you can find out more information about the Paidverts.

You need to upgrade your knowledge regarding the BAP points within the time frame limit; you will get enough experience to go for earning money online.

Step 5: Start earning without investment

This is the important option where everyone is often thinking about the Paidverts. Most of us hesitate to invest money when we are new on any PTC site.

Paidverts give you the facility to access “Cash Offer” which is an unusual feature of this site.  You can get this option on the right side under “Main Navigation, ”and when you click it, you will get the “Personally” button. is an app that helps websites like Paidverts earn money from their users.

The users are given a task, and if they complete the job, Paidverts will receive an intensive. Users will get a commission from Paidverts.   If there are any tasks, without any delay, start working with the Paidverts to make money.

Step 6: Purchase Ad campaigns

This is a final step that will boost the amount of bonus Ad points and also help to increase the BAP group level to enhance the earnings from Paidverts.

Previously we have been told that you can get 15 BAP groups on this site and when scaling up every level, your earnings will be double (appro to x.) but the points are the same between every BAP group. You can use the same level of ads daily, but this process will be changed when you reach a higher level of BAP.

How to Increase your BAP at Paidverts?

Earn Money from Paidverts
Earn Money from Paidverts

If you are using Paidverts to earn money, you must know about the BAP by which you can increase your money. You can increase them by clicking on the ads. So, in this article, let us discuss how you can increase your BAP at paidverts. These are simple steps, and you just need to understand them carefully to apply them to earn your desired money.

Firstly, do you know the higher the BAP, the higher the money you will get? If not, then read it carefully. You can increase these BAPs by using some simple ways, and these ways are given below. Just take a look at them and try to understand them carefully:

1 Watching The Ads: 

This way is straightforward to increase BAPs. In this way, you do not need to make any investments. You just need to watch the ads only. Here, it would help if you were active and regular on the sites only to increase your BAP.

For this purpose, you need to open the website daily so that you can watch the ads. There are around 16 ads you need to watch to increase the BAP. As this way is not very effective in increasing the BAP, still you can watch them and try your luck. If you are fortunate, you can hold on to a higher amount of BAPs. So, if you are free and do not have more work, you can choose this method to increase BAPs.

2 Playing The Games:

 Another method to increase the BAPs is playing games. For this purpose, you can find various games on the site by which you can increase your BAP. Suppose you play a game and have a bet on it for 10 BAP. Here, if you win, you can earn 100 BAP. This way, you can earn the 90 BAPs on your first round. So, it is the ideal option for those who are fond of playing the game. 

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3 By Buying The Ads:

After discussing the above way to earn money, you can also adopt this method as it is a more effective and fast way to increase the BAP. In this method, you need to buy the ads. Here, if you buy an ad, you can earn some BAPs; the difference is your profit. Let’s understand it with the example: suppose you buy an ad for 1 BAP, and you can make 1.50 BAPs. Here the difference is 50 BAPs, and this is your profit. 

Further, 14 groups contain varied ranges of the BAPs. You are on which group depends on your ad buying capacity. If you invest more money in these ads, you can get the first group and vice versa. So, it is the ideal option to increase the BAPs to buy these ads. 

To get started with the company, you just need to register with the company by logging in. This way, you can become a website member and earn money per your requirements by clicking on the ads, buying ads, and playing games.

So, these are the methods to increase your BAPs on the paidvert.


From the above guide, it is clear that the Paidverts are the best way to make money without investment. It contains simple steps, which are helpful for you to obtain good ideas on making money online.

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