15 Best Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing (2023 List)

If you are getting bored with your 9 to 5 tedious job, and want to have some adventure by wandering different places of the country. then try for Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing.

You can send your job applications to such companies that allow you to travel around and pay handsomely. Along with the job and payment, these companies offer housing facilities as well for their employees. 

You can discover these jobs on websites and directly connect with the companies through their contact numbers. If you match their job criteria, you can get into these companies and start working there effortlessly.

Let’s start our discussion about Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing, and you must enjoy these high-paying and adventurous jobs:

1. Flight Attendant Job

It is the best job out there and offers you the highest payments along with housing facilities. You can apply for a flight attendant if you consider yourself qualified enough for this position.

In addition, the job requirements vary with different airlines. Still, you can get the job if you have all the qualities such as standing long hours, being patient, customer handling, and other related responsibilities.

Plus, you must know an additional language other than your native language. Moreover, the average salary of these flight attendants ranges from $69,900 to $97,689.

2. Cruise Ship Workers

The job of cruise ship officer is a reputed job where you can travel and get accommodation from the company. It is the adventurous job itself where you can wander the corners of the world and even get paid handsomely along with housing facilities.

It might be your dream job full of adventure as you can see the world through the sea. However, the job seems so enjoyable, it involves so much hard work and exertion. If you are ok with this hard work, you can send your application to the HR department and wait for the call. The average payment of a cruise ship officer is around $48,910 in a year. 

3. Airplane Pilot

These Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing must be the favorite of many as it not only offers a high payment but provides housing facility also. The responsibility of an airline pilot is to fly the airplane safely and navigate it to its destination.

In this profession, the pilots may responsible to fly airplanes, private jets, cargo, and airplanes and it depends on their qualifications and the employer’s needs. An airplane pilot can earn around $44700 per year. 

4. Infection Prevention job

It is another best and most reliable jobs containing the responsibility to reach the people affected by any diseases.

The primary duty of infection prevention is to identify the disease pattern within the group of people around the country. For this purpose, you will have to reach out to every people and discover the diseases.

Here, the company offers you an accommodation facility so that you can stay there and treat the people well. Further, if we talk about the salary of an infection preventionist, is around $70,560 per year.

5. Travel Nurse Job

In this profession, as the name depicts a travel nurse is responsible for taking care of patients around the city by traveling from one place to another.

Housing places and other facilities are provided by the company to perform these duties. So, if you have a degree in a nursing course, you can send your job application to these companies to become a travel nurse. The expected salary of travel nurses is around $94,300 per year.

6. Yacht Broker Traveling Job

A yacht broker is a job facilitating yacht sales through skills and abilities. If you apply for this job, you have to perform all the responsibilities to maintain the proper coordination between the yacht and big boat buyers so that you can not let any deal unhandled.

The average salary of the yacht broker is around $100, 280 per year. So, if you are interested in commanding the other yacht employees to create sales, you can apply to become a yacht broker Jobs That Pays for Travel and Housing.

7. Construction Manager Job

In this reputed job, a construction manager involves responsible for supervising the construction building work around the city. It could be your neighborhood, corporate offices, roads, and bridge structures to perform the construction tasks.

To perform these duties, the employers allow you to check the sites properly and thus provide the proper housing facility if you stay there for work. The average payment of a construction manager is around $86,390 per year.

8. Architect Profession

If you choose this profession, you are responsible to make sketches and designing new structures. It can be anything, such as buildings, flyovers, office complexes, and anything. You must stay at the site to check the working conditions here.

So, the company offers a housing facility to its employees to stay connected with the work well. The payout of this profession is around $114,810 per year. 

9. Marine Engineer Job

A marine engineer is Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing where an engineer has to design and build the crafts of marine, such as sailboats, submarines, and other vessels. If you choose this job, you will have to stay in the housing facilities provided by the employers. If we talk about the salary, it is around $82,110 per year.

10. Senior Auditor

An auditor is responsible for taking care of the financial conditions of the companies. A well-educated senior auditor possesses enough knowledge to identify the ways of reducing waste, saving money, and making the budget better. The average salary in this profession is around $79,810 per year.

11. Marine Biologist

The marine biologist is bound to work with marine life and saltwater environment. If you choose this profession, you will be responsible for researching eco-system and organisms found within the area. The average salary of these Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing is around $74,010 per year.

12. User Experience Researcher High-Paying Job

If you choose this job, you will be responsible for learning about the behavior of the users, and motivation to understand how a company can work well and thrive effortlessly. The average salary in this profession is around $133,270 per year.

13. International Aid Workers

International aid workers work as volunteers such as the Red Cross, USAID, etc. the job responsibility of these workers is to visit the countries and help needy people. The payment structures of international aid workers are good enough to live a happy life ahead. 

14. Tour Guide

If you love roaming the country, you can become a tour guide. To get this job, you must have knowledge of places and their history so that you can guide travelers well. The average salary of the tour guide is around 2 lacs to 8.8 lacs per year along with accommodation.

15. Environmental Engineer

It is also the best and most reputed job out there that offers you the to become a liable environment engineer. If you select this post, you will have to be responsible for enhancing and improving the environment. The company will provide you with well-payment structures of around $82,940 per year with housing facilities. 

Wrapping up

The above is the best and most reliable Jobs That Pay for Travel and Housing offers the highest paying amounts along with housing facilities.

You can enjoy these jobs to the fullest by traveling to different areas of the city and staying there for some days. These types of jobs are not only adventures but keep you delighted and lively also. 

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