15 Legit Jobs That Pay Weekly (2023 Guide)

Jobs are indeed an indispensable part of life to fulfill our day-to-day needs. For this purpose, we must search a legit and reputed job for the same.

Here, if we talk about the payout schedules, almost employers adopt monthly pay cycles. But, if we move to online or work-from-home jobs, they often provide weekly or daily payment options.

These payouts depend on flexible schedules and a number of working hours. In other words, we can get payouts according to our working hours.

Payment cycles of every business vary with the nature of the business. Therefore, if you are searching for Jobs That Pay Weekly, this article is only for you as we will discuss 15 legit jobs ahead that not only pay you weekly but keep you at ease forever.

Here are 15 legit jobs that make you flexible and comfortable while performing the job responsibilities. Most of the jobs are online or home-based jobs. You can find your best and apply according to your needs and desires.

1. Online Tuition Jobs

It is the most suitable option and of course, an ideal earning opportunity through which you can sometimes earn daily base, but it depends on your employer if he agrees to pay you daily.

Further, if you choose the online tutoring profession, all you need to do is teach the students online according to your major subject. These jobs are flexible so, you can choose anytime that suits your needs. 

In this profession, your area of knowledge in any field must be appreciable such as you must have command over good communication skills, and other areas.

The payouts you can get are around $30-$35 per hour or sometimes more. Hence, we can say these Jobs That Pay Weekly are the best option to choose.

2. Blogging

Blogging is also an excellent way to earn a handsome amount of money. You can also earn daily or weekly if your channel becomes most popular around the world. It is a bit difficult in the initial days, but not impossible.

You can choose any method to go viral such as writing articles, creating videos, or anything that suits you best. If we talk about its earnings, you can earn between $2,500 to $1,00,000 per month. Payment depends on your capacity to add content on social media.

3. Resell Products Online

It is another way to earn weekly or even daily. To resell the products online, you must discover a well-established company that allows reselling. You can get into these companies and start your reselling business without investment. You can earn daily or weekly in this profession, depending on your selling capability.

4. Data Entry Job

If you are proficient in computers, you can apply for data entry jobs. It contains transferring the data from one format to other.

It requires speed and accuracy to sort and type the data. If you have an interest in this type of Jobs That Pay Weekly, you can search the companies hiring employees for data entry positions. Here, if we talk about the payments, you can earn around $15 per hour depending on your speed and ability.

5. Freelance Writer

If you have the talent to write your thoughts in words, you can become a good writer. If you want to make it a profession and earn weekly or daily, you can become a freelance writer and get $20 to $25 per hour. That’s why it is the best job to earn flexibly and without rushing to any brick-and-mortar offices to earn income.

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

In order to earn daily or weekly, becoming a virtual assistant is the best option. You can quickly get this job if you have good communication skills, IT skills, proper attention, management skills, and decision-making skills. The duties of every virtual assistant are different from one another, and it depends on the employees. The payment you can get for the virtual assistant job is $21 per hour.

7. Freelance Website Developer

You can also choose to become a freelance website developer if you have a better understanding of CSS/HTML, coding, javascript, photoshop, and other related software. Companies hire website developers to create their websites to sell brands and products. You can indulge in these jobs and earn handsomely from 10k to one lac per month.

8. Delivery Driver job

The delivery driver is responsible for loading the goods and services and transferring them from one place to another. The job responsibilities of a delivery person include reviewing client orders, ensuring the packaging, price conforming, and other related activities. If you get this position, you can earn around $80 to $3250 per week.

9. Tour and Travel Consultant Job

These types of jobs allow you to get weekly or monthly payments depending on your employer. Also, a travel consultant can be part or full-time as per the employer’s needs. The payment for this profession is around $20 to% $25 per hour. So, if these Jobs That Pay Weekly suit your criteria, you can choose them and live a happy life.

10. Customer Care Representative

The customer care department is the most indispensable of any company, and it is a necessary part to solve the queries of the customers. Thus, you can also apply for this job to become a successful customer care representative if you are a good problem solver and attentive. The average salary in this profession is around $590 per week.

11. Food Delivery Person

You can also choose to be a food delivery person and earn a good amount of payouts. If you choose to become a food delivery person, your responsibility would be to pick up a meal from the restaurant and drop it at the client’s doorstep.

Here, you must have a vehicle through which you can perform this picking and dropping responsibility well. You can earn around $60 per week in this profession.

12. Plumbers

The job responsibility of the plumber is to fix and repair piping, gas lines, bathtubs, and appliances. If you can fix and repair the home utilities, you can apply for this job. The average income of this profession is around $26 per hour.

13. House Cleaner Job

A house cleaning job is also a legit and trustable Jobs That Pay Weekly. Here, you need to mop the floors, dust, clean, and do other cleaning activities. Employers will provide you with cleaning tools and vacuum cleaners to perform all these cleaning tasks. The average pay for this profession is around $817 per week.

14. Electrician Job

If you need a legit job with handsome payouts, you can go for the electrician profession too. It involves ensuring proper wiring systems in the buildings and fixing any damaged wiring. The average payout an electrician can earn is around $25 per hour.

15. Security Officer Position

In this profession, you have to be responsible for the safety of the premises. Here, you must patrol the provided premises and check on the surveillance cameras to ensure safety and security. For this purpose, you must be physically fit and know all the security tasks. The average payment of a security officer is around $1196 per week.

Wrapping Up

If you want Jobs That Pay Weekly, you can explore the above job options. All the above jobs are online or home-based jobs that keep you flexible and comfortable throughout the day. Moreover, you can set these jobs according to your schedule and earn effortlessly.

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