Top 16 Part-Time Data Entry Jobs from Home Online/offline Without Investment

If you are a job seeker but do not want to go outside, home-based part-time data entry jobs are the ideal option for you. Here, if you are a less qualified, student, stay-at-home parent, or introvert, you can get the benefit of these jobs and earn handsome money. The qualification for these jobs are not very high as you just need a typing speed of a minimum of 25 WPM, a laptop or computer device, a fair connection to the internet and you are ready for the job.

Furthermore, you can find these jobs on the internet as it is the innovative technologies era where everything is done on the social media platform. So, you can also use that platform to find your desired part-time data entry jobs without making any investments.

In the further article, we will discuss 16 part-time data entry jobs you can perform from your home without investing a single penny. So, you need to scroll below to find your material:

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1. Data Entry Clerks’ Jobs

You can find these jobs in hospitals, private offices, and government offices where the records and data are to be maintained in the system. You can also explore these jobs that offer freelancing work for the people and provide good pay. With the help of this part-time job, you can meet the needs of your daily life.

2. Regular Data Entry Jobs

In these part-time data entry jobs, you need to convert the typing files into an MS word file. If you want to apply for this job, you need a good grip on both verbal and written English and typing speed. You can get Rs, 20 to 50 per page, and this way, you can earn the best amount of money by doing regular data entry jobs.

3. Typist

 If you are looking for something better than data entry jobs, you can go for a typist. In this job, you will have to create emails, reports, formal letters, and other typing tasks. For this job, you must possess the skills required for this job such as a good grip on English, the best typing speed, and perfect knowledge of the vocabulary. If you have all of them, you can easily apply for this post.

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4. Data Cleaning Part-Time Job

 In this part-time data entry job, you need to correct the available data from the excel spreadsheets and word files. It requires a lot of patience and hard work to find out the omissions on the sheets as it may be a lengthy task. You will get paid according to your performance and ability to do work.

5. Image Conversion Into a Text File

If you love writing, you can adopt these part-time data entry jobs as you need to convert an image containing the paragraphs into a written word file. To do this job proficiently, you need a good command of English and a basic knowledge of writing. You need a 99.9 percent accuracy to get your file passed. 

6. Audio to Text

In this job criteria, you need to listen to the audio carefully to write it in your language. This part-time job is also the best option for those who know English best and have a good typing speed. Also, these jobs offer good pay scales that can be fitted for all needs well.

7. Transcriptionists in The Medical Line

 If you are the one who has a good command of English, you can apply for a medical transcriptionist job. In this job, you need to listen to the recorded audio and write the information given in the audio in Word documents. This part-time is the most demanded job around the world and provides you with a good source of income. So, if you find you are eligible for this part-time data entry job, you can send the application to the recruiters.

8. Coding in The Medical Area

This job is highly paid as it is a bit different from the others transcriptionist jobs. In this job, you need to go through the patient health record, then examine it and transcribe the whole situation into charts and other pictorials. These codes are then read by the doctors to know more about the patient health. You need special training for this job to become proficient and get a high amount of salary.

9. Online Form Filling Job

 If you require an easy job that does not require any other qualifications, you can apply for online form-filling jobs. In these jobs, you need to enter the given data on the online forms. With this job, you can earn enough money that can satisfy your basic needs. But, you will have to be active and attentive while entering the forms to avoid any mistakes.

10. Online Survey

 It is the best and most reliable job for those who want to work from home. You need to give the answer to some questions and fill out the online form. It is an easy task and you can do it within a few minutes. Also, you can get paid a higher amount if you will do your job effectively.

11. Captcha Entry Job

You have seen captcha at many sites in the form of text, numbers, images, and many other alphanumerical forms. This captcha is manmade and many employees do this task daily on a salary basis. You can also get this job with little knowledge of typing and English.

12. Copy and Paste Data Entry Jobs

It is also a simple job that anyone can do. In this job, you need to copy the content from one side and paste it into another place. It is also the highest-paid job that can suit anyone who knows typing well.

13. Data Formatting Part-Time Jobs

 You can also apply for the position of data formatting. It is also a data entry job, but you have to format the files more and type the data less. Here, you have to arrange the files in text form, paragraph format, list, bullet, etc.

14. Catalog Data Entry Jobs

 In this part-time job, you need to go through the data from the databases and fill that information in the offline software. These jobs are the most famous jobs among people who prefer offline jobs.

15. Content Writing

Content writing jobs are the best jobs for those who have a good command of English and can provide the best content to clients. It is also the highest-paid job if you have the required skills in this area. 

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16. Proofreading and Editing

 In this part-time job, you need to proofread the content and edit it if required. It is an easy task compared to content writing as you need only go through the content in order to get mistakes. If you get any mistakes, you need to edit them. This work is also simple and comfortable which requires good English.


The above data entry jobs are the best and most reliable for those who want to be at home. Also, you do not require any investments for getting these jobs but require only skills. You can choose any part-time job that will suit your needs.

Also, you can search for these jobs on the internet and find the best one for you. This way, you can become an employed person even sitting at home without investing a single penny.

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