Make Money Blogging in 2018: How Website Owners Earn Money

make money blogging

The beginners, professionals, students, and mommies- all keep asking about the ways to make money through blogging. Having a website is easy, but earning money through it is slightly tough. Although it is not a rocket science to make money through blogging, you do need to have some skills for it. You need to read more articles which would make it easy for you to learn things.

Before making money through blogging, the first thing you need to do is to make your website work correctly. If your website takes too much time in getting loaded or does not work the way Google algorithms require, it would become quite difficult for you to earn through it. Keep your domain name and hosting service working well so that at least the basics go correctly.

Everything about making money through blogging revolves around keyword research. A proper keyword research process can help you to reach customers globally. After all, people mainly search for services, articles and everything else through particular words. If your blog has the correct keywords, you are automatically going to on considerably high. So let’s get started with the best money making techniques through blogging in 2018.

  1. SEO Marketing

    SEO marketing what’s the best for the bloggers. Manual SEO is done by amalgamating a good quality content which is acceptable by Google. The keywords present in the content results and suitable ranking of your blogs in search engine results.

  1. Ad Placements

    if you are serious about monetizing your blog, try to insert some ads in it. You can either go for direct advertisement or signup with Google AdSense. Apart from all this, affiliate marketing strategies also popularized way to make money.

  1. Stay Active

    blogging should be continuous and creative. You don’t have to stop writing articles all of a sudden and keep expecting your rank to soar. It never happens on its own. Your constant efforts result in continuous Hence to supplement your passive income, work regularly.

  1. Provide Remote Support

    remote support services at their peak these days. It is indeed expected to be one of the fastest growing segments of 2018. Remote support services can be in the form of resolving a computer problem, electronics and different services that you can explain to your client remotely. Fixing their problem through your knowledge buy a digitalized medium is what a remote support service is all about. To make it work better, you can include specific tutorial videos and webcam chats to make it more worthwhile.

  1. Social Network

    social media is becoming the mainstream of bloggers nowadays. If you find social network interesting, you can develop a particular plan that can be managed by your blog along with to eat, business pages and special offers through social media platform.

  1. Niche blogging

    niche blogging is another great way to generate a lot of cash amongst to the bloggers. People are even earning a six-figure salary by providing information to Niche audiences. Integrate new subscriptions, product sales, affiliate marketing, advertisements and other methodologies to supplement you’re earning.

  1. Freelancing

    freelancing is a super duper way to earn money through blogging. Freelancers have a wide range of opportunities ranging from web designing, writing service, marketing, data entry, travel planning and virtual assistant services. People can find quite a lot of marketing places such as guru, Fiverr, oDEsk and elance to begin earning right away. Now freelance blogging seems one of the best ways to make.

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  1. Product Selling

    since it is your blog, you do not have to go through any formality to get started. Just upload the pictures of the items to be sold along with a particular price tag and courier at the moment you receive an order for it. You can find millions of blogs which sell the best quality stuff at exceptional rates.

So these were some really honest tips for stimulating your long-term income through blogging. You can initiate all these suggestions while working from home. These recommendations would benefit the beginners as well as for the experts. Additionally, you can train yourself to provide specific services through blogging. Go for free training programs available online and begin earning the moment you get skilled.

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  1. Awesome post. Nowadays Social Media Marketing is a wide platform to make money online. Freelancing is also another great option for this. Well explained and every newbie will find it very helpful. Thanks for sharing such an informative post with us. Keep sharing your valuable knowledge with the readers.


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