15 Best Freelance Video Editor Jobs To Make Money Online  for Beginners 

Do you want to make money from the comfort of your own home? If so, you might want to look into online editing jobs. 

As more and more people looking for flexible employment options, the term “remote” job has entered the vernacular.

This is due to the prospect of working independently from an office appears too to be true: you can strike a better balance between your job and personal life, with no one telling you when and when to get things done.

Listed here are 15 simple online video editing jobs that may be done from home and pay decent money. 

The freedom to set your hours and be your boss.

Becoming a Web Content Manager or Editor

Are you a novice to the world of online publishing and thinking, “how can I become an online editor?”

The procedure is very like that of independent writers. Job boards, social media, and a dedicated service website can all help you find your first editing client and the best freelance video editor jobs. As an illustration, blog editing positions periodically appear on blogger, a job board for writers. Each day, check out these job boards in search of editing and proofreading jobs so you can land your first customer.

Facebook, and more specifically Facebook groups, can be an excellent resource for finding your first remote editing client.

Get involved in Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and help others out by sharing your knowledge. Spend a month or longer just contributing to these communities because you desire to give before you ask.

Just in case they need a copy editor or proofreader, you should be on the lookout for them. You can make a social network graphic advertising your services when the moment is right, provided that your organization permits such promotions.

What are Online Editing Jobs?

Freelance online editing and proofreading are two distinct but related tasks in the revision process.

It is common practice for editors to also perform proofreading, however, editors are not required to provide proofreading as part of their duties.

Many people confuse the two, but if you’re serious about making money online, you’ll want to know the distinctions.

Post-publication “polishing” is what proofreaders do to a piece of writing. This includes checking for typos, grammar mistakes, and formatting & sentence structure issues.

Jobs in online editing typically entail polishing existing writing.

This may need rewriting certain passages to render the content more accessible, concise, and well-structured.

Even while online editing will require more time than simple proofreading, it presents a promising opportunity for those seeking flexible work-from-home income.

How Much Money Can I Get for Online Editing Jobs?

Editing can be a lucrative profession, although pay varies depending on what type of work is being edited.

There is a median annual salary of $52,756 for editors, as reported by Ziprecruiter.

The average annual salary for video editors is $47,000.

The average annual salary for web editors is $51,000.

Lorraine, a real-life friend of mine, is an eBook editor for a digital publishing company. These jobs pay very well, often several thousand dollars for editing an eBook.

15 Positions in Editing That Can Be Done From Home 

If you think the editing could be something you’d enjoy doing from home, consider applying to the following places:

1. Start Your Site

You can promote your talents and services on your website, in addition to looking for firms and websites that are recruiting freelance editors on the web.

This piece is geared toward those interested in starting a freelance writing career, you can easily adapt the strategies discussed therein for marketing editing services.

2. Editor World

To join Editor World, you must first register and pass an editing exam as part of the application procedure.

But if you join their panel, you can get picked by customers and start earning money online.

3. Filmless

Filmless provides a wide array of media services, such as script authoring, voiceovers, and video editing. Job opportunities for video editors to work remotely are provided. It is the best freelance video editor jobs.

 4 Checklist.com 

Here you can find the best freelance video editor jobs because there are many other types of checklists available on Checklist.com, such as those for weddings, new business launches, and relocations. Their staffing needs are diverse, and an SEO editor is one position they fill.

5 Salesfolk

To generate more high-quality leads, SalesFolk creates pre-written email templates for outbound salespeople to use. Freelance and remote editors are sought by this website. It is the best freelance video editor job.

6 WebFX 

Websites can benefit from WebFX’s content management & email marketing services, as well as their search engine optimization and lead creation offerings. This company is hiring for a remote copy/content editing position.

 7. Cambridge Editing & Proofreading, Inc. 

Cambridge Editing & Proofreading People who are learning English as a second language (ESL), international students, and businesses.

 8. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a community for digital nomads who are always on the move yet still need to get work done. You can join their newsletter, which provides a curated list of online editing opportunities.

Find content editing jobs, media editing jobs, and more in your email with Working Nomads’ weekly newsletter.

You might also check out the site in the hopes of landing some editing gigs there.

9. Freelance 

Content editing & video editing are only two examples of the types of freelance work that may be found on Freelancer.

Create a profile so that clients may rate the level of your work and help you rise in the ranks to more lucrative jobs.

10. Reedsy 

Reedsy is a platform that facilitates communication between authors and editors to improve the quality of published works.

They don’t hire freelance editors, but you can sign up for an account to market your services, compile a portfolio, and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

 11. Wordvice

Wordvice is a professional writing and editing service that assists individuals in the fields of education, business, and the arts. It is the best freelance video editor jobs.

Editing positions are available, and they may be done on your own time and from anywhere in the world.

12. Flexjobs

As the name suggests, FlexJobs provides remote, part-time jobs, and freelance opportunities like editing that may be done on your schedule.

Your profile can be tailored to reflect your ideal work environment, availability, and skill set. Freelance editing opportunities can also be monitored by registering for email updates.

13. Scribendi 

Since Scribendi is a global, round-the-clock provider of “on-demand” editing and proofreading services, they need to be able to turn out projects quickly.

Jobs as freelance editors are available, but they do demand a certain level of education and expertise.

14. LinkedIn

In many ways, LinkedIn may be compared to a more serious version of Facebook for working adults and aimed at businesses and brands with a social media presence looking to make connections and spread their message.

You can also look for work on LinkedIn and find the best freelance video editor jobs.

Go to the site’s jobs section and search for “freelance editor” to see what comes up.

15. Gramlee

When you need editing done, turn to Gramlee, it is the best freelance video editor jobs. They say they receive dozens of applications per week for online editor positions, so if they’re interested, they’ll contact you remotely.

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