Top 10 Online Part-Time Jobs for Students to Make Money

We all see that the Internet is a freestanding, open source for education, Entertainment, Communication, etc., in addition to that, it’s one of the useful platforms in order to make money. Already a wide range of people earns a huge amount of money through their skills and most of them are comfortable.

Today our Internet is filled with lots of job opportunities, from youngsters to old age people anybody can use these opportunities. There are no age restrictions required for these jobs and it doesn’t require any particular time for the work. So only people try to turn the internet into a money-making machine, especially students.

Because, while studying a School/College, a student has a real awareness of money and they should know thathow to save money as a student. And at this stage they need a considerable amount of money in order to fulfill their requirements, furthermore, they have a much spare time.

So it is possible to convert their idle time into their earnings online. Here I am going to describe the Top 10 Online jobs which help students to earn money in their free time.

Top 10 Online Jobs for Students

1. Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing jobs are one of the most wanted jobs on the web. A Freelancer/Freelancing worker is an independent worker online, who doesn’t work for a company as a full-time employee for the long term. Because he is hired by various companies for few small kinds of works.

For example, if an online marketing company needs a new logo for their product/service, then they don’t need to appoint a person for that particular work, they can fulfill their requirement by just hiring a person online. That’s it the work will be completed in a short period of time by spending a small amount of money.

Freelancing jobs come in many different categories such as Programming, Accounting, Photography, SEO, Web Designing, Web Development, Data Entry, Marketing, etc., If you want to be a freelancer, then try these popular freelancing websites,

  1. Freelancer

  2. Freelance

3. Fiverr

  4. oDesk

  5. Elance

2. Article Writing Jobs

Because of writing too many assignments & essays for their studies, most students are experts in content writing. If you are a student who has great writing skills, then you can make money as an article writer online.

Like other freelancing jobs, article writing is another important work, which allows you to work from your home as a freelance writer. Apart from Freelance writing, you can start your earnings by way of writing wonderful articles for online websites and magazines.

There is a huge demand for content writers online, so choose a suitable freelancing site or work as an author for a particular website. By writing content online you can earn 10 – 100 dollars for a single quality article.

3. Get Paid to Play Games

Generally, most internet users, especially youngsters love playing a variety of games online. But they didn’t know that they can also start their online earning by playing games.

Yes, it is possible, there are tons of gaming websites like PaidgameplayerBigMoneyArcadeZapak, etc., that are providing these earning opportunities, so students try to take advantage of these lucky chances.

Every day game makers make plenty of new games and they want to test their beta games among a wide range of audiences on the web in order to get accurate results. So they are ready to pay money to the people who want to play games as game testers.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the trending ways to earn money online in recent years, and it needs good writing skills with some basic technical skills. At very first you should spend some amount of money in order to create a blog for yourself, creating a blog is not a difficult task these days. After creating a blog, update it frequently by posting different kinds of quality articles then do SEO and promote your content, that’s it.

Now, wait for the blog traffic, once your blog receives a decent number of traffic then monetize it with any popular advertising program like Google Adsense. There are lots of professional bloggers are having a successful blogging experience online, so try to make yourself one of them. 

5. Online Survey Jobs

Online survey jobs are one of the easiest jobs on the internet because it doesn’t need any complicated technical skills. In this kind of job, you have to take a survey about a particular topic(a product/service) among a huge number of users on the Internet.

Generally, companies want to hear the opinions about their new product/service from the people, so that’s only they offer these survey jobs. As a student, you can make a decent income through these programs, but the internet is covered by lots of scam sites. So here I recommend some legitimate survey websites for you. 

 1. Mind Swarms

  2. Paid Viewpoint

 3. Opinion Outpost

  4. Survey Head

6. Earn Through Videos

Watching videos online is a desirable hobby for a group of people, every day millions of new videos are watched by users through popular video sites. These sites are also allowed users to make money by just uploading their own unique videos.

There are lots of video-sharing sites available online such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc., If you have a unique talent/skill, then try to turn it into some excellent videos and upload it on any of the above sites. Now your earnings count will be started, if one of your videos goes viral on the web, then you will earn huge money in a short period of time.

7. Data Entry Jobs

A Data Entry job is another easiest way to earn money online from just sitting in front of your computer in your home. By making money through data entry jobs, you need to have basic computer & internet skills and a little bit of English knowledge, that’s it now anybody can start their earnings online.

There are a number of websites are providing these Data Entry jobs in different categories such as General Typing, Form Filling, Captcha Typing, Converting Images into Text, etc., As a user, you can’t able to make a huge amount through these programs, but it allows you to make a considerable amount of money in your wallet. If you want to know more details then read this brief guide: 

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another great opportunity for students who want to make real cash in online in their free time. As an Affiliate marketer, you can make hundreds of dollars every month by way of just referring a product/service to others online.

The Internet provides a huge list of popular Affiliate Programs in various categories, so first, choose a suitable one for you. For example, eBay is one of the leading online shopping portals and they provide almost every item for our needs and also they provide their own Affiliate Program. So first join the eBay program and try to refer products to others online in order to earn money.

9. Online Tutoring Jobs

If you have effective teaching skills, then Online Tutoring jobs are the perfect ones for you. There is a huge demand for this kind of job on the web all over the world. As an Online tutor, you can earn a handsome amount of money by way of teaching your well-known subjects at the same time it helps you to improve your knowledge & skills.

Not only educational subjects and also you can teach any special skills, languages, etc., for example, if you are good at doing a magic trick, then you can share it with other people who want to learn from you online, for this work you will be getting paid. Some of the popular Online Tutoring websites are,

  1. Tutor

   2. Happy Tutors

  3. Transtutors

   4. Buddy School

10. Sell Your Own Craft Items

Students with creative, innovative knowledge can earn money by selling their own art & craft items online. If you are a student who has a hobby to make art & craft things and draw wonderful paintings, then your hobby can make you a professional merchant. 

Etsy is one of the leading Craft Store in online that allows users to sell their handmade craft goods with others all around the world. So it is possible to make a lump amount of cash by selling your products among the global level audience and also earn good money selling sports cards.


   These are the top 10 most popular and useful Online jobs for students which helps to start their online income. Before going to select a job make sure that you have your own PayPal account because in most of these jobs you need to have a PayPal account in order to receive your payment. If you feel that this article is helpful, then share it with your online friends and if have any questions then drop them in the below comment box. 

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